Altrucoin has closed. Visit the team's new project: Lendr Network

What is happening with Altrucoin?

Altrucoin will be closing it’s staking vaults due to SEC concerns. To determine where to take the project next, a community proposal was created and voted. Based on popular vote in the Telegram, it was decided that Altrucoin would close and token holders will migrate to a Lendr Network token. 

The migration is now complete and the Altrucoin token and project are now inactive.

Note: Lendr network is a separate company and the Lendr token is not associated with Altrucoin.  

How do I get the new Lendr tokens?

If you held Altrucoin, you do not need to do anything to receive your new LendrR tokens. The tokens were automatically airdropped to all holders and stakers wallets by the Lendr Network team.

As outlined in the community-voted plan, the new tokens are locked and vested after launch for a period between 1-3 months. This lock period was to ensure that new Lendr holders are not discouraged from a large portion of the total supply already being held.


The tokens airdrops have now been completed. If you kept your Lendr tokens in Bitmart, please contact our team before July 2024 in order to coordinate a manual conversion of your tokens. 

How do I learn about the Lendr Network?

The Lendr Network is a 0% interest borrowing platform that offers loans for real world assets on-chain. Information about the Lendr Network and your new tokens can be found at the website or gitbook.

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