Completed in 2021

Last year the token project made immense progress on development, listings, and community engagement to set a strong base for the token following into next year. 

✔ Created initial vault staking system
✔ Onboarded 10 partner vaults
✔ Passed over $10M staked in the vault paltform
✔ Established community of over 15K TG members
✔ Listed on CMC and CG
✔ Listed on XT, ProBit, and Bitmart exchanges
✔ Established legal entity and expanded the team
✔ Gave over $100K to global initiatives

Q1 2022
Stage 1 - Token ReLaunch

The goal of this stage is for the mainnet launch of the new token to run successfully. We will also work to reestablish the communities and exchange and listing sites for the new token. 

✔ Merge socials and communities
✔ Launch token on PancakeSwap
✔ Relist token on CMC and CG
✔ Relist token on Bitmart

Q2 2022
In Progress
Stage 2 - Decentralization

The primary goal of stage two is to decentralize many of the major token features to onboard token projects. 
We also plan to increase our funding to global initiatives.
- Reach a $50M Marketcap
- Decentralize onboarding for staking vaults
- Vault Certik Audit
✔ Release referral rewards system
- Tesla Giveaway
- Give a total of $500K to global initiatives

Q3 2022
Coming Soon
Stage 3 - Defi-Lending and Further Development

We aim to launch our defi lending protocol and develop futher on the current applications we have in place.
- Release Defi-Lending on application platform 
- Develop new types of vaults (No-Loss Lottery Vault, NFT Vault, etc.)
- Merchandise to raise funds for global initiatives
- List on a top 10 exchange
- Automated migration of vaults
- $250M Marketcap

Coming Soon
Stage 5 - Future Plans

As the project develops, we expect new technologies to be released that we may want to incorporate into the Altruism Protocol or to build on. Stage five is where we will implement those ideas.
We will aim to continue increase the marketcap, building the community, and giving to global initiatives. 

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