The Altruism
Protocol Ecosystem

The Altruism Protocol Ecosystem is a collection of decentralized apps that operate using the Altrucoin token and provide the token with multiple use cases. 

The ecosystem consist of a decentralized staking vault platform, referral system, token presale platform, and, in the future, defi-lending platform. Learn how each of these dApps support the Altrucoin token below. 

Staking Vaults

Staking Rewards

Altrucoin partners with other token project to make staking vaults for their token. Every time an investor puts tokens into the vault or takes them out, a small fee is charged that is used to buy Altrucoin that gets distributed proportionally to all the current Altrucoin stakers.

Therefore, the more vaults that partner with us and the more investors that use the vaults cause the Altrucoin price to rise and the Altrucoin vault APY to increase.

Referral System

Referral Rewards

The Altrucoin referral system provides rewards in Altrucoin to people who refer outside investors, and give new investors discounts when they buy Altrucoin for the first time.

The Altruism Protocol also makes referral systems for other tokens. Whenever a referee buys tokens, part of their transaction buys Altrucoin. Therefore, as more people refer Altrucoin and other token projects, the price of Altrucoin increases.

Token Presales

Referral Rewards

The Altruism Protocol hosts presales for other token projects looking for initial funding. Whenever a presale is completed, we take a percentage of the BNB profits earned and use it to buy Altrucoin that then gets distributed into the vault.

Every token project we host a presale for helps to increase Altrucoin’s price and give rewards to its stakers. 


Defi-Lending Rewards

Defi-Lending will be a feature released in the future that will help generate rewards for stakers on the dApp. The timeline on this feature can be found in the roadmap.

Borrowers will be able to take out loans from tokens on the lending platform and will return the loan at a later date with interest. The interest earned on these loans will be paid to the vault that loaned the tokens, as well as the Altrucoin vault. This will generate rewards for stakers and increase the vault APY