Staking vaults as special

as your token holders.

With Altrucoin’s staking platform, you can quickly and easily create a custom staking vault specific to your projects needs.

Add a use case to your token.

Staking vaults offer a way for your holders to use your token and earn passive rewards at the same time. We work hard to integrate the most modern and innovative technology into our vault contact to give your token the best staking system in the crypto market.

Build stability and create a price floor for your token.

The staking vaults encourage your community to hold and lock their tokens to earn rewards, which helps prevents sells. We normally see around 15% of a token’s circulating supply locked in the vault during launch.

Vaults that supports token reflections and dual rewards.

Unlike other staking systems currently in the crypto space, our vaults allow you to integrate a staking system into your project, while also supporting your custom tokenomics. We can support both token reflections and dual-token rewards.

Create your vault with our highly customizable vault fees.

You can customize the vault’s entry and exit fees to best suit your token project. We offer different type of fees such as a rewards, admin, burn, and charity fee that can be added to your vault.

Rewards Fee

Supports staker's rewards and the APY making the vault fully self-sustaining without needing to add tokens.

Admin Fee

Choose to automatically send a portion of the tokens to your admin team as an additional revenue source.

Burn Free

Choose to automatically send a portion of rewards to the burn wallet to decrease circulating supply.

Charity Fee

Choose to send a portion of staked tokens to your team's charity wallet or by joining the Altrucoin donations.

Integrated time-locking and token bonuses.

You can encourage stakers to lock their tokens for longer by adding our unique token locking and bonus system, which rewards stakers proportionally to how long and how much they decide to stake.

Automatic vault distributions

Our staking vaults automatically update everytime someone enters or exits the vault. There’s no need for manual distributions! Once your vault is set up, it takes care of itself. And you can always send tokens directly to your vault to rewards stakers or increase your vault’s APY.

Gain exposure for your token project.

By setting up a vault on the Altrucoin staking platform, your token project will be seen by many other crypto communities to help gain exposure and increase your token holders.

Generate news and hype for your project.

Along with the vault, comes plenty of news to share with your community to keep the excitement and activity up. You’ll be able to make regular posts about the vault launch, APY, TVL, airdrops, and more!

Ready to build your vault?

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Lendr is a new protocol the Altrucoin team is launching that will help Altrucoin stakers earn additional rewards.

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