Add a Use Case to Your Token!

You can choose from one of the many products Altrucoin offers to add to your token. Whether you are just starting out or already established, we can help bring your token project to the next level. 

Staking Vaults

Our customizable staking vaults can adapt to fit your projects needs, giving your users increased rewards, resisting negative price movement, and increasing the utility of your token. Token holders can lock their tokens to weather any fluctuations, sit back, and collect rewards while your project continues to develop. 

Hosting on your website and whitelabel vaults are available. 

Referral System

With the Altrucoin Referral System, your users can earn tokens every time they refer a friend to buy your token! 

Token referrals are also a great way to track the effectiveness of social media influencers, giving you insight into exactly how many people that influencer referred and how many tokens were purchased because of their social media campaign. 

Governance Voting

Governance voting allows your holders to vote on proposals you create based on how many of your tokens they have in their wallets. Governance systems are a great way to increase community engagement and also put any project development ideas up for vote. 


With defi-lending, you can allow people to take out loans in your token on the Altrucoin platform. This product is yet to be released, but will be coming soon!

Altrucoin will be benefiting from Lendr!
Lendr is a new protocol the Altrucoin team is launching that will help Altrucoin stakers earn additional rewards.

Learn about Lendr here.

Learn about how Altrucoin benefits from Lendr here.