Previous Holders

The following information applies to previous holders of $ALTRUCOIN or $BANKER. 

The Altrucoin team will be airdropping the new token ($ALTRU) directly to the wallet address of previous holders who held more than $1 worth of either $ALTRUCOIN or $BANKER in that wallet. This includes all tokens held in their wallet as well as all tokens staked from that wallet. 

Users will need to add the $ALTRU token contract address (listed below) to their wallet in order to see the airdropped tokens. Users who wish to have those tokens staked will need to stake the new $ALTRU in the new vault once it is available. The entry fee will need to be paid when staking, but the Altrucoin team will be airdropping tokens into the new vault to cover the entry fee one week after vault launch. 

Users do NOT need to unstake any previous $ALTRUCOIN or $BANKER. 

Centralized Exchange Users (Bitmart, Probit, XT)

Users who had tokens on a centralized exchange do not need to take any action. The new $ALTRU token will be dropped to the relavant centralized exchange, who will convert the previous tokens into the new $ALTRU token automatically for the user. This will happen after the airdrops complete. The exact time will depend on each exchange. 

The exchange rate for each token is listed below. The total supply of $ALTRU is 2,500,000.

1 $ALTRUCOIN will be converted to roughly  0.00000000156173 $ALTRU.

1 $BANKER will be converted to roughly 0.00115341 $ALTRU.

In other words, 1 $ALTRU is worth roughly 640,313,803 $ALTRUCOIN or 867 $BANKER.


Skylar held 146,904,490,139.32 $ALTRUCOIN in their wallet and had 73,452,245,069.66 $ALTRUCOIN staked, for a total of 220,356,765,209.98 $ALTRUCOIN owned. 

They also held 239,282.76 $BANKER in their wallet and had 478,565.52 $BANKER staked, for a total of 717,848.28 $BANKER owned.

This means Skylar will receive about 344.13 $ALTRU from their $ALTRUCOIN holdings, and about 827.96 $ALTRU from their $BANKER holdings, for a total of about 1,172.09 $ALTRU. 


We used the price of each token and the circulating supply in order to get the exchange rate. The prices used to calculate the exchange rate were:

$ALTRUCOIN: $0.0000000036707144

$BANKER: $0.002711

Starting $ALTRU price: $2.35040910


The number of tokens in each wallet were pulled from the holder section of BSCscan, and the number of tokens staked were pulled from the vault themselves.