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The Altruism Protocol Has Donated Over $134,750.00 To Charity!

The Altrucoin project and charity go hand in hand. Charity is one of our core values and that is why donation funds are integrated into Altrucoin tokenomics. Thanks to our community and holders, we are able to make donations to amazing causes that make the world a better place.
For each donation we make, the community is the one that gets to decide where the donation goes to. Altrucoin holders are able to vote using our voting app on which charity they would like to receive an Altruism Protocol donation.

Previous Donations

How to Apply for a Donation

In order to apply for an Altrucoin donation, please read through the requirements below and complete a donation proposal form using this link. In the donation proposal form, please make sure to fill out all of the required fields and to attach the proper documentation as described below. Organizations that fail to provide us with all of the required information or documents will not be eligible for donations.


  • The following documents must be included in your proposal:
    • 501(c)(3) Form
    • Form 990
    • IRS Non-Profit Determination Letter
  • Currently, Altrucoin donations are limited to organizations with a presence within the United States, as to comply with the above documentation. We hope to expand to international organizations as we grow.
  • Donations are limited to organizations that have been in operation for at least one year.
  • Political organizations will not be eligible for this program.
  • Your non-profit must be able to accept donations in the form of cryptocurrency.
  • All funding received from Altrucoin must be used for the purposes as specified on your proposal.

How Charities Are Chosen

Currently, the Altrucoin team will review and approve applications to be voted on by the coin holder community. In the future, as the transition to a decentralized model takes place, the process of approving applications to be voted on will be similarly decentralized. We are in the process of developing a more automatic system for approving donation proposals in order for them to be voted on by the Altrucoin community.

Some of the factors we use to evaluate the non-profits include:

  • Past Projects – By looking at projects an organization has completed, we gain a better understanding of their mission and the type of work they are involved in. These projects also give us an idea of the impact the organization has created as well as how their funds are utilized.
  • Charity Navigator Rating – Charity Navigator is a well known tool that helps people evaluate the efficacy of charities. While we do take several other factors into consideration, Charity Navigator is able to give us a quick snapshot of the overall health and transparency of an organization.
  • Age – While relatively new organizations are important and helpful, we do currently restrict donations to those that have been in operation for at least one year. This helps ensure that the funds are donated to legitimate organizations with proven track records.
  • Percentage of Donations Applied to Programs vs Staff – While large and complicated organizations require larger and more specialized staff to carry out their visions, we take into consideration how directly the funds will be able to be used within programs.
  • Funds Distribution – We understand that although funding is meant for certain projects, part of the donations are also allocated to administrative expenses. However, we would like to ensure that the majority of our funding is applied to the projects, and therefore, we look into how the money is distributed by an organization.
  • Funds Efficiency – The Altruism Protocol wants to make sure that its donations are going to organizations that can make the most impact with it.
  • Transparency – As one of the fundamental pillars of the Altrucoin Protocol, transparency is required in all of our projects and partners. We should be able to easily access information about the charity and its projects as well as clearly evaluate financial reports and performance matrices from the organization.
  • Financial Health – We want to make sure that any projects we donate to can be fully realized and supported. This means that Part of that is ensuring that the funds are going to an organization that will be able to use them for projects that will last for years.

The Altruism Protocol Has Donated Over $134,750.00 To Charity!