International Animal Rescue Fundraiser

Altrucoin is hosting a fundraiser for IAR on Monday September 20th.
Chances to win prizes, tokens, and NFTs!

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About IAR

International Animal Rescue(IAR) is an organization, founded in 1989,  whose mission is to build awareness and implement effective systems so that natural habitats and their animals are protected. They have been a partner with Wildlife SOS, an organization we recently donated to, for over 20 years! IAR runs multiple projects around the world to help critically endangered or abused species.

Altrucoin is specifically helping raise money for their “Rebuild the Refuge” project in Nosara, Costa Rica. Every year hundreds of animals are either killed or severely injured due to faulty infrastructure, and unfortunately, those numbers continue to rise. In order to combat these incidents, IAR has partnered with Refuge for Wildlife to help build a sanctuary/hospital for these injured animals and also fund efforts to repair local infrastructure as a preventative measure. 

About the Fundraiser

Altrucoin is hosting a fundraising event for IAR with the goal of raising 10K for their “Rebuild the Refuge” project. We will match the donations up to 5K in order to help reach our goal, which means that every donation is doubled until we reach our goal!

The fundraiser event will be be on Monday, Sept. 20th from 7:30 AM CST to 2:00 PM CST on our Twitch platform: twitch.tv/altruismprotocol . During the fundraiser, we will have a AMAs with the founding memebrs of the Altrucoin team, a Q&A with a member of IAR, Finn Brownbill. Additionally, we will also be launching our new token, BankerDoge, during the CEO AMA. 

Depending on how much you donate, you can enter your donation transaction into our giveaway for a chance to win a variety of prizes including merch, tokens, and NFTs! There will also be three exclusive NFTs for sale, the proceeds of which will go to IAR.


Rebuild the Refuge Project